About the Aging Well Lab

The Aging Well Lab is based within the Behavioral Science department of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. The primary goals are a) to study the aging experience through the eyes of older adults in Metro Detroit and beyond, and b) provide research experience to undergraduate and graduate students at the University.


The following AIMS drive the work of the Aging Well Lab:


  • To explore the processes involved in promoting optimal aging experience:

    • Stress exposure, reactivity, and management

    • The power of subjective perceptions

    • Health behaviors and outcomes

    • Engagement, generativity, and psychological well-being


  • To investigate how people change (age) differently across time.


  • To promote interdisciplinary collaboration with other specialties (human factors engineering, health policy studies, biology/nursing, sociology)


  • To collaborate with local agencies and organizations to identify and address key issues facing the local aging population.


  • To translate research findings into meaningful, applied contexts, to be shared with community organizations and the local aging population.​



The following community organizations have partnered with the Aging Well Lab in participant recruitment and data collection. THANK YOU!!


  • Henry Ford Village Senior Living Community

  • Oakwood Common Senior Living Community

  • Dearborn Senior Center

  • Taylor Senior Center

  • Maplewood Senior Center (Garden City)

  • Eton Senior Center (Dearborn Heights)

  • Berwyn Senior Center (Dearborn Heights)


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